Winter Sports Guidelines and Ticketing Information

Please carefully review the linked winter extra-curricular events guidelines document.  Through dialogue and cooperation amongst each Boone County School Corporation and the Boone County Health Department, there are many updates to our winter event guidelines at this time.

Western Boone Winter Extra-Curricular Guidelines


All tickets will be sold online for home events.  No cash at the gate.

No general admission ticket sales.  Tickets will only be sold to participant families.

-Home Basketball and Wrestling: Four (4) tickets will be available for purchase per WEBO athlete on the team.  If siblings are on the team, only 4 tickets per family.

-Home Swimming: Two (2) tickets will be available for purchase per WEBO athlete on the team.  If siblings are on the team, only 2 tickets per family.

No visiting fans at Home swimming meets at Western Boone.  Conversely, WEBO fans will not be able to attend swimming meets at Sagamore Conference Schools, except Crawfordsville.

Away Events: Each school will have different guidelines.  As we receive information throughout the season, it will be relayed to participant families through FinalForms.

WEBO Fans:

We will send out the home team links to our parent groups one week at a time.  We will send these links out via FinalForms mid-week the week before the events (one week in advance).  There is no reason for parents to purchase ahead past the next week with the fact that tickets are allocated for each participant.  This will help us process less refunds if games are affected for different reasons and Boone County’s climate will continue to be assessed throughout the season so things could change from a guidance perspective.  We will use our rosters for each team to set a max ticket limit on each home event link.  Each family will then be able to purchase up to 4 tickets for wrestling and basketball events and 2 tickets for swimming.


Visiting schools will receive separate ticket links for each event.  Visitors will be held to the same 4 tickets per participant limit.   Again, for swimming meets there will be no visitor fans at Western Boone.