@WeboRDTV Live Athletic Event Broadcasts

WeboRDTV Live Event Pay-Per-View.

Use link below to purchase the live broadcasts ($10).

Due to the current climate, many schools, including Western Boone are transitioning to a Pay-Per-View streaming process. Home football games, limited away football games and an assortment of other home athletic events will be live streamed by @WeBoRDTV broadcast team.

We are very fortunate to have such a strong student ran broadcast production that already rivals the IHSAA Champions Network’s level of quality. We feel that our broadcasts are second to none.

Watch for the opposing schools when we are on the road to provide a similar service. In those cases they may not allow WeboRDTV to stream. We will provide the links to those pay-per-view broadcasts as they occur.

In partnership with the IHSAA Champions Network, WeboRDTV will have a streaming pay per view game cost of $10 associated with each live streamed event broadcast this year.