WeBo Strength

Who We Are

WeBo Athletic Performance is dedicated to maximizing the potential of every student-athlete in pursuit of elite performance. We work individually with each student-athlete to help them reach their genetic potential, using a variety of cutting edge training techniques to afford our student-athletes every opportunity for success.                 GO STARS!

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Director of Strength and Conditioning 


Jayme Comer is in his fifth year as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Western Boone Stars. Coach Comer previously worked at Texas Christian University, working with all of the Horned Frogs athletic teams. Prior to his time in Fort Worth, Coach Comer worked for the University of Indianapolis Greyhounds and their strength and conditioning department. Comer graduated from UIndy in 2012 with a degree in Exercise Science, after being a two year letter winner for the GLVC Football conference champs and playoff team. Prior to his time at UIndy Comer attended Illinois State University and competed for three seasons for the Redbird football program earning two letters. Comer is certified through United States Weightlifting (USAW). Follow Coach on Twitter @WeBoStrength

jayme.comer@webo.k12.in.us                                                                                                                                 (765)482-6143 Ext.3167

Goals of the Program

1) Prevent Injuries:
    Healthy muscles and joints decrease the chance of injury. When an injury occurs a well conditioned, well trained athlete will not only recover from the injury, but spend less time in limited participation.
2) Enhance Sport Performance:
    This is achieved through program development that emphasizes max strength, linear speed, explosive power, offensive and defense agility, change of direction speed, mobility, body composition, athletic nutrition and sport conditioning.
3) Improve Mental Development:
    To develop the ability to maintain a high level of focus, maturity, accountability, discipline, competitiveness and loyalty. Development of team centered goals and developing the process to achieve those goals.


FRESHMAN3542/3544 Physical Education, Advanced Physical Development (Year)

  • 9th grade student-athletes are afforded the opportunity to learn the pillars of our program in an environment that promotes mastery of technique over increasing weight. Our students are able to build a large foundation of agility, speed, power, and strength in a structured training program that promotes developing the total student-athlete. This class is open to all 9th grade WeBo Student-Athletes.

10-12th Grade3560 Beginning Weight Training (Semester or Year)

  • The next step in the continued development of the WeBo student-athlete is the Beginning Weight Training program. Open to all 10th-12th grade student-athletes, the class builds off of the foundation that is developed during the 9th grade Advanced Physical Development class. Students will be taken through advanced training protocols to help them to reach their highest athletic potential. Special emphasis on jumping and explosive power training, with the continued focus on injury prevention and development of total body strength and speed.

11-12th Grade3560 Advanced Weight Training (Semester or Year)

  • The final class progression for WeBo student-athletes, Advanced Weight Training is open to all 11-12th grade student-athletes who have completed the Beginning Weight Training course. Students will work to build the athletic pyramid off of the large foundation built in the previous 2 classes, students will work to a mastery level in Olympic movements, Speed Development Drills, Offensive and Defensive Agility, Change of Direction Speed, and develop a greater understanding of the role of sports nutrition and recovery and how they allow for greater athletic success.

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