Online Box Office: Purchase Home Athletic Event Tickets Here

Click the link below to purchase e-tickets to Home Western Boone Athletic Department Events.

Online Box Office: Purchase Home Athletic Event Tickets Here

All Fall home athletic events are posted and available for purchase.  The four Varsity Football games are currently archived and links to purchase tickets to those four events will be sent out the week of each event with priority going to player, manager, trainer, band and cheer parents along with coach’s families, students and staff.  Opponents will also receive an allotment.

At this time you may purchase tickets to any Fall home athletic event other than those four Varsity Football games.  Click on the Link above or download the GoFan App and search “Western Boone” to see every Fall home athletic event.  These tickets will remain available for purchase  online until game time or until the venue sells out.


Each venue has a specific Boone County Health Department approved maximum social distanced capacity.  When purchasing your tickets, you may purchase with the mindset that your household may sit together.  Each venue has royal blue circular stickers on the bleachers identifying socially distanced seating that is available.  Your household will need to sit together on a sticker area.

Purchasing Tickets:

Debit/Credit purchases will be available online and at the entrance.  Debit/Credit purchase of tickets is recommended this year to limit contact with cash.  We will still accept cash ticket purchasing at the door this year, if events still have tickets available after online pre-sales.  To ensure that you have seating in our limited capacity venues, please purchase your e-tickets online and early.

Please show your e-tickets, which will be in your email or within your GoFan App to the ticket taker upon your arrival at each event.  Do not self validate your tickets.  The ticket taker will validate upon your entry.

Note: Detailed information will be sent directly to football, cheer, and band families regarding purchasing of limited numbers of tickets at the football complex.  Coach’s families and staff will also receive information regarding purchase of limited tickets.  Cheer block ticket plans will be communicated to students. 

Entrances and Seating for Inside Athletic Events:

For inside junior high and high school athletic events, Western Boone fans MUST enter through the Main Entrance (Door 1).  The Athletic Entrance will be reserved for the opponents fans to enter. These entrances will be marked on the doors.  Any Junior High volleyball match that can be, has been moved to the main gym.  Western Boone Fans will sit on the West side of the main gym.  Opponents will sit on the East side of the main gym.

Entrances and Seating for the Football Complex:

For events at the football stadium, Western Boone fans MUST enter through a second gate that will run along the outside of the Junior Gym between the ticket booth and the main gate.  Opponents will enter through the main gate.  Western Boone fans will enter their gate and sit on the West side (press box) bleachers.  Opponents will enter through the main gate and sit on the East side bleachers.  This season there will be NO TAILGATING AT HOME FOOTBALL GAMES.  THERE WILL BE NO PARKING IN THE GRASS TAILGATING AREA.

Entrances and Seating for the Soccer Complex:

The soccer complex maximum capacity will be under 250 fans, so the normal entrance is acceptable for both Western Boone fans and Opponent fans.  Bleachers are off limits to fans at the soccer complex.  Please bring lawn/folding chairs or blankets to socially distance along the West sideline.  Western Boone fans will sit across from the WeBo bench on the South side of midfield.  Opponents will sit across from their team’s bench on the North side of midfield.

There will be detailed signage and information markings within each athletic facility regarding restrooms, concessions and safety protocols.

Thank you for your continued support of our athletes and we look forward to seeing you at our athletic events this Fall.