Football State Championship T-Shirt / Sweatshirt Store

The Football State Championship T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Store is back open…

The store is open until Sunday, December 9th at Midnight.  Please get all orders placed during this window, as this will be the last time this shirt will be available.  Extra inventory of these shirts are not guaranteed to be available past this Store.

The first round of the store sold nearly 2,000 shirts.  There is an option available on this order to have the shirts/sweatshirts shipped directly to your home ($10 fee).  You may also have them shipped to the athletic office and they will be available for pickup toward the end of finals week prior to Winter Break.

They will arrive toward the end of the week of December 17th.

Follow the link below to access the online Store…

Football State Championship Shirt & Sweatshirt Store