COVID-19 Athletic Dept. Daily Screening Electronic Form

Important: Athlete COVID-19 Pre-Screening Information and Electronic Form Submission process:
Starting July 6th, all athletic department staff and student-athletes that come to campus for Strength and Conditioning and Sports-Specific workouts will be required to complete a 4 question COVID-19 pre-screening electronic form each day.
The results of your pre-screening electronic form submission will time stamp and auto-populate to a live electronic sheet that only the athletic and training staff will access. This will give us confirmation of your completion of the pre-screening process. The pre-screening process will be completed by YOU (parent or student-athletes) prior to arrival. You will answer the 4 pre-screening questions by following the electronic forms link below:
Athletic Department Daily Pre-Screening Electronic Form
1. Copy and past the above pre-screening forms link (might be good to bookmark for use each day).
2. Complete each field of the pre-screening form and submit it. If a student-athlete forgets to complete the pre-screening form, there will be a QR code posted on the athletic door. Student-athletes will use the camera of their cell phone to read the QR code and it will direct them right to the pre-screening electronic form. They can complete the form right on site before entering the school facility.
Note: The Link and QR code will never change. They will direct you to a new pre-screening form each time you use them.
Reminder: This electronic form MUST be completed EVERY time a student-athlete comes to campus for athletic purposes prior to participation. We will complete this process up to the beginning of the school year where at that point, the school day pre-screening will work for athletics.
If you answer “yes” to any of the 4 questions on the pre-screening form, please stay home and consult your physician.