News · Jr. High Swimmers defeat Hotdogs Wednesday night

The junior high swim teams had an exciting meet against the Frankfort Hot Dogs on Wednesday night, bringing home two wins (girls: 88-65; boys: 81-65).  The medley relay team of Lilly Maners, Jenna Twitty, Lindsey Steimel, and Abigail Scott kicked off the meet with a close second-place finish in a time of 2:35.69.  Starting the meet for the boys, the medley relay team of Jacob Norman, Carver Bragg, Malachi Catterson, and Isaac Threlkeld earned first-place with a time of 2:31.00.  Maners, Annalise Monsewicz, and Rebecca Rustin earned second, third, and fourth place respectively in the 200-yard freestyle.  Chase Collier and Asher Foy earned second and fourth for the boys in that event.  Brook Boss and Lily Talbott took second and third place in the girls’ 100-yard IM; Malachi Catterson took second for the boys.  Twitty and Steimel took the top two places in the 50-yard freestyle, followed by Monsewicz in fourth.  Threlkeld took first for the boys and was followed by Norman and Bragg in third and fourth.  Steimel earned the girls another first-place finish in the 50-yard butterfly in a time of 36.56.  Catterson and Collier took second and third for the boys in butterfly.  Scott and Rustin took first and second in the girls 100-yard freestyle; Threlkeld also won for the boys.  Twitty continued the girls’ winning streak in the 400-yard freestyle, winning in a time of 5:53.58.  Foy earned the boys a third-place finish in the distance event in a time of 7:42.93.  The 200-yard freestyle relay team of Monsewicz, Boss, Talbott, and Rustin earned the girls a second-place finish with a time of 2:41.89.  The boys’ team of Norman, Collier, Rutherford, and Threlkeld had an exciting first place finish (2:10.20).  Scott and Maners swam backstroke for the girls, earning second and third respectively.  Norman, Rouse, and Rutherford went 2-3-4 in the event for the boys.  Micah Hole and Maddy Sharp finished out the girls’ individual events by taking second and third in the 100-yard breaststroke; Bragg ended the individual events for the boys with a second-place breaststroke finish.  To end the meet, the girls’ 400-yard freestyle relay team of Scott, Maners, Steimel, and Twitty earned one more top finish with a time of 5:13.94.  The boys were also able to end the meet with a win thanks to the relay team of Foy, Collier, Rutherford, and Rouse.  The junior high swim teams will face Danville on Thursday night!