News · Athletic Department Update in Accordance with Executive Order 20-26

Western Boone School Corporation Facilities and Fields are closed through June 30, 2020:
In accordance with Gov. Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-26, all Western Boone County Community School Corporation owned athletic facilities and fields are closed through June 30, 2020 to all personnel, including the public.
This includes all athletic facilities, fields, courts and playgrounds at Western Boone Jr-Sr. High School, Granville Wells and Thorntown.  Little League and travel teams that use our school corporation owned fields have been informed that these fields are closed through June 30, 2020.
Team Activities:
On and off site team gatherings led by or suggested by our coaching staff are strictly prohibited.  The way that our athletic department and coaches have been operating through social media, FinalForms and other various platforms will be the continued plan for how we will communicate and work with our athletes through June 30th.
Athletic Operations Through June 30, 2020:
  • We will continue with Monday, Wednesday, Friday E-Learning through May 18th (end of the school year) through Canvas and Social Media.
  • We will continue with our weekly weekend pandemic challenges via social media.
  • Coaches will continue to provide sport specific workouts and skill developments plans for their athletes to complete individually and aligned with all State and CDC social distancing guidelines.
  • The first summer strength and conditioning breakfast club workout will begin virtually as previously scheduled on Tuesday, May 26th.  Those workouts will occur three times a week throughout the summer.  We will continue them virtually on Social Media and through FinalForms up to IHSAA Moratorium Week (June 29-July 5).  The Body Weight workouts will be posted by our Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday and each individual coach will have accountability and motivational measures in place and communicated to their athletes.  Basically, we will continue the blue print of communication and workouts that we have been operating on since early March.  Students will post their workout videos through social media (this helps from a community and motivation perspective and shows other schools what WeBo is doing).  If student-athletes do not have social media they will be able to send their videos and/or completion confirmations directly to a head coach, who will relay to our Strength and Conditioning Coordinator that the workouts have been completed.
Post July 6, 2020:
Gov. Holcomb’s Executive Order 20-26 closes school facilities and fields through June 30, 2020.  June 30th is during IHSAA Moratorium Week, so at this point we would not be scheduled to return to in person/on site athletic activities until July 6, 2020.  Obviously, much is up in the air still and a lot will have to do with how things progress over the next two months.  We will keep you updated on developments and/or changes to the timeline or guidelines as we move forward.
Summer Youth Camps Cancelled:
At this time we are cancelling all Summer Athletic Youth Camps for 2020.  We feel it is in the best interest of all involved to give some clarity regarding summer camp schedules and with so much unknown, this is the best route.  The previously approved and posted Summer Camp schedule will be removed from the Athletic Department Website.  Our coaching staff will collaborate and look to make alternative plans to have youth and skill development opportunities as the school year progresses.
Thank you for your continued cooperation and help in motivating your student-athletes to continue to progress and put in work from a health and athletics standpoint.  By continuing with the blue print we have been operating on, our student-athletes will return with a strong fitness foundation.