Girls Middle School Softball · Lady Stars defeat Northridge

The “A” team came out ready to play in their first game. The Stars beat Northridge 12-0. Makenzie Amich had 4 strike-outs for the night. The Lady Stars played really good defense by not letting the Cougars score a run with only allowing 1 hit. Emily Conyer played stellar defense with a couple of plays being made in the field as well as hitting two singles and a double. Emmy Roys and Lilly Shubert had an inside the park home run on the night. Jacelyn Wilson and Olivia Reagan batted a single while Alaina Ward batted had an RBI on the night.
The “B” team came out ready to play as well, beating the Cougars 15-3. Sarah Keppel started the game with a single and a RBI. Alaina Ward had a single and RBI for the Stars. Savannah Bishop had a single as well as Cora Deane. Ella Kail finished the game with a single. Emma McClaine had 3 strike-outs for the night. Alaina Ward caught a foul pop-fly. Emma Mcclaine made an out as well as Cora Deane.
The Lady Stars will be back in action Monday when they host Tri-West starting at 5:30 pm.