News · Athletic Ambassadors Visit Elementary Schools

Today, the Athletic Ambassadors visited Granville Wells and Throntown Elementary schools. This was the first of six trips throughout the year that the group will take to the elementary schools as they will work with our third graders to shed light on the importance of six specific pillars of Character. This week the ambassadors focused on responsibility in their lessons.  The ambassadors will continue to visit the same third grade classroom throughout the school year, creating a great opportunity to build lasting connections and memories.

It’s amazing to think that in 8 years these same third graders will have an opportunity to be a part of this ambassador program and pay it forward.  This group of ambassadors are setting a foundation and legacy for future athletes to build upon.

Many of these ambassadors were able to return to their elementary schools and connect back with their roots and former teachers.  Thank you to the elementary staff and teachers for teaming up with the ambassadors to create this opportunity.