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Multiple Teams · Special Olympics Game Tonight at Danville

In between the girls and boys basketball games tonight at Danville we will be Special Olympics night. This will be the second time Danville and Webo have paired together for this awesome event.
-After the girls’ basketball game and as soon as the floor is cleared they will have Special Olympic cheer leaders cheer for about 5 minutes.
-After the cheer then we will have the Special Olympic basketball teams come out and have them announced for a starting line-up. The game will played for about 10 minutes (running clock).
-During the game we would like to have all the students that are not playing in the game both from Western Boone and Danville to line the entire baseline of the gym. We will have two teams split up with a white and red team and each team will have a mix of Western Boone and Danville students with Special Olympic athletes playing in the game.
-After the Special Olympic game then the warm-ups will start for the boys’ basketball teams.
-The warm-ups for boys’ basketball should start about 20 minutes after the Special Olympic event.