Multiple Teams · Smash Cancer!

Western Boone and Lebanon will be teaming up again to Smash Cancer. All funds are going to go to the Boone County Cancer Society.
The team will be selling T-shirts in different colors – to represent support for different types of cancers that we’re selling for $10 a piece.  If people are interested in ordering them, all of the girls on the tennis team have order forms that they can fill out with all the different colors and sizes.  We need to get these order forms in on or before Friday.
The team also wants to reach out to anyone who has survived cancer, has a family member who has had cancer or maybe has a family member who wishes to do an opening serve at the match in honor of someone who has died of cancer.
The head of the ISHTECA commented about the event:
“The SmashCancer concept was started by Delta and Yorktown high schools near Muncie in the spring of 2012.  Approximately $50,000 has been raised in these matches around the state over the past two years.  The funds go to benefit various cancer charities and organizations in the local areas served by the schools that host the SmashCancer tennis matches.”
Click here to print off the order form: